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Friday, April 13, 2012

The Pinterest Phenomenon vs The Mommy with the Most

I love pinterest. I am addicted to looking for fun ideas for my family to do. However, when to do them and where to find the funds to do them is a whole different story. I recently pinned a rag quilt that I would love to make for the kids. It has since been up in it's own window on my computer for several weeks, mocking me every time I turn on the computer. I can just see Abby and Josiah all cuddled underneath it.... Today I thought about how it's not the coolest stuff my children long for, but time with their mommy. I was sitting on the couch browsing pinterest, thinking of something I could possibly drag myself up to do when Abby layed over on my shoulder and Josiah ran over with arms outstretched to be picked up. I sat for a glorious 15 minutes cuddled with my children. They didn't need a great rag quilt, they need me!
Being a great mother doesn't mean we have to shape foods into cartoon characters or have home made valentines for each child in the class.  It does involve giving of yourself. Maybe you don't have an impeccable "pinterest" qualified house, but the toys scattered from wall to wall and the piles of laundry are signs of a family that lives and has fun in their home, not a family that is inhibited from messes because everything won't be perfect. We don't need the most expensive crafts to enjoy time with our children. We can talk a walk, go to the park, lay in the floor and wrestle, read books, and countless other "free" things. And, if we are too tired, we can lay together and watch cartoons. The best part is, IT'S OKAY!

So, the next time you are browsing pinterest for a few good ideas, remember that time spent with your children can be spent in many different ways. The quality of your mothering isn't measured by the creativity of your activities. So please realize that what is on pinterest is the high light reel for some and not their everyday lives. Your kids will have great memories of you as a mother even without an elmo shaped sandwich!
By the Way...the following pic is from pinterest ;)

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